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Installation support

Based on expertise and extensive experience, C-Ventus aims to be the preferred professional partner for our client’s delivery teams during the installation phase of new offshore windfarms.

To date C-Ventus has assisted the major installation companies on numerous projects by conducting the following works:

  • Inter-array and export cable pull-ins
  • Shore landings including directional drilling
  • Route surveys
  • Pre-lay grapnel runs and UXO detection and clearance
  • Various subsea works with ROV’s and divers
  • Rope Access services
  • Marine operations including the selection and chartering of floating assets
  • Foundation and sub-station secondary/snagging works
  • Retrofit works

Typical BoP services

Typical BoP services provided by C-Ventus include:

Above waterline:

  • Inspection, Repair, Maintenance and Replacement of mechanical, electrical and ancillary equipment on foundations/sub-stations including cranes, latchways, fire equipment, fall arrest equipment, lifts, eye bolts, davits, ladders, splash zone coating systems, navigational aids etc.
  • Statutory and structural integrity inspections including acoustic, NDT/UHT testing, paint inspections
  • Corrosion protection and repair of foundations and sub-station structures using NACE or equivalent qualified inspectors (level 3 / level 2) with work at NORSOK standard and deployment of Rope Access trained, painting teams
  • Internal foundation inspections using confined space teams and ROVs
  • Mechanical, electrical and fabrication retrofit/replacement works including bolt replacement, installation/replacement of cathodic protection systems etc.


  • Subsea foundation inspections and repairs by means of ROV’s and divers
  • Internal foundation wall thickness inspections below the waterline
  • Installation and management of environmental detection equipment
  • Scour, depth of burial and other surveys
  • Scour remediation e.g. by installing mattresses or filter bags
  • Cable inspections and repairs
  • Research, development, testing and installation of conceptual products, tools and programs

Balance of plant (BoP), inspections, repair and maintenance

To minimise downtime and the cost of repairs, C-Ventus believes in a pro-active Operation and Maintenance (O&M) concept, based on in-depth familiarisation with the characteristics of a specific windfarm.

C-Ventus has been providing long term O&M services to various windfarms throughout Europe and as such has developed tailor made service packages for the windfarm operators. We work to:

  • Reduce costs while maintaining a safe and healthy working environment
  • Refine and streamline interfaces
  • Utilise synergies and combine the strengths of all stakeholders in continuous and close consultation and partnership working
  • Provide local support and a single point of contact, available 24/7 with emergency response teams where needed
  • Deliver rigorous SHEQ management to ensure safe and high quality completion to the scope of work while meeting the challenges posed by the offshore environment
  • Provide multi-skilled pro-active technicians to maximise work completed each day and to avoid unnecessary and expensive repeat visits offshore

All data collected in the process, including status updates on all components, can be made available real-time in order to determine condition and evaluation of critical items and to enable timely intervention and remediation. Our back office engineering team contains specialists in data analysis to ensure quick fault diagnosis and remedial action as needed.


Having a pro-active outlook and striving to supply complete support during the entire life-cycle of offshore windfarms, C-Ventus has already started to develop decommissioning plans for a number of clients in order to aid in the preparation of methodologies, inclusive of required resources and time-schedules, as well as corresponding budgets. On that basis C-Ventus has been able to identify the potential financial exposure in relation to decommissioning, which subsequently has been translated into realistic financial provisions for these works.

Project Management and Engineering

For each project, no matter how large or small, C-Ventus offers project management and engineering with a pragmatic attitude. All our project managers and engineers are competent in their fields of expertise in order to properly support our clients through all stages of a project, whereby a safe and healthy working environment is always paramount.