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C-Ventus Offshore Windfarm Services was established in 2011  in response to the growing demand for a dedicated service provider with specialist knowledge in offshore windfarm installation, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and decommissioning.

C-Ventus  is a wholly owned subsidiary of DISA International, a global provider of marine engineering, civil construction and offshore oil & gas services. Our ownership structure provides us with the financial backing, resources and assets required to meet the changing needs of the offshore wind sector, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions to our clients ranging from on-demand services through to full turnkey project solutions.

Today C-Ventus is a dynamic and continuously evolving company specialising in offshore wind. To date we have worked in close partnership with key players in the industry on over 20 offshore wind farms in the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium, successfully delivering safe, cost effective and high quality services.

Our track record and expertise covers both topside and subsea works over the full life-cycle of an offshore wind farm. We have the resources and assets required to meet the needs of the industry, with a highly experienced in-house team of project managers, engineers, SHEQ professionals and technicians  combined with significant in-house assets which include a range of ROVs, diving, Rope Access and bathymetric survey equipment.

In summary we offer:

  • BoP topside services – structural, electrical and mechanical inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) of the turbine foundations, monopiles (confined space works) and offshore and onshore sub stations, blade inspections and repair
  • BoP subsea services – structural and NDT inspection, repair and maintenance on foundations, scour protection and cables utilising ROVs, dive teams and survey techniques
  • Installation services – export and inter-array cable pull-ins, shore-landings, pre and post installation surveys, UXO remediation, Pre Lay Grapnel Run(PLGR) operations secondary/snagging/retrofit works, bolting works and temporary power solutions
  • Decommissioning – expertise in met-mast and subsea asset removal activities developed through a company background in wreck removal and subsea salvage works

What we offer

We directly employ and have access to a large pool of GWO trained and experienced technicians across all the above skill areas (ROV/diving supervisors, Rope Access Level 3, Paint Inspectors, NDT Testers, LOLER Inspectors, riggers, welders, mechanical, electrical etc.). These technicians are supported by a back office team of qualified engineers and they can be supplied as individuals on demand, as long term project solutions or as bespoke teams for specialist  assignments.

With our head office in the port area of IJmuiden, near Amsterdam, and an office in Lowestoft in the United Kingdom, C-Ventus is known as a highly capable and competent service provider for the offshore wind segment with  various long term O&M contracts already in place.

Importantly we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation in our service delivery. We are constantly exploring ways to  assist our clients reducing their costs and minimizing turbine downtime  whereby we invest in the resources and assets required to deliver second-to-none topside and subsea works.  A prime example is a method of blade inspections we are currently developing which will significantly reduce costs/downtime associated with this service.

For any project requirements please contact us to discuss your needs and to learn more about how we may help in improving the efficiency and economics of your offshore wind operations.